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Patient Safety, Advocacy & Quality

There are many things you can do to increase your health care safety whether at home, filling a prescription at the pharmacy, at the doctor’s office or in the hospital.

But, the single most important thing you can do to increase your safety as a patient is be an active member of your health care team, which means taking part in every health care decision.

What you need to knowPatient & Visitors Safety & Quality Care Concerns

As a faith-based organization, it is the mission of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances to enhance community health with compassion, excellence and efficiency. We are dedicated to serving you and if you feel we have not met your expectations, or you have concerns regarding your safety or the quality of your care, please do not hesitate to communicate those concerns with your health care team.

  • Reduce the Spread of Germs that Make You & Others Sick
  • Reduce the Risk of Surgical Infection & Mistakes
  • Medication Safety

What you can do

Reporting Concerns

Every member of your health care team is committed to providing you and your loved ones with "very good" care and service during your stay. If at anytime you or a loved one feel your needs are not being met, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse to connect you with the appropriate individual chosen to listen to you, act as your voice and help resolve any issues you may have.

Unresolved Concerns

To report any concerns or register complaints about care or safety that you feel have not been addressed by the management of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, you may contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring at (800) 994-6610 or

To initiate a complaint or grievance with the Texas Department of Health call (888) 973-0022 or mail a letter to:

Texas Department of Health
1100 W. 49th St.
Austin, TX 78756

To initiate a complaint or grievance referencing a physician is all (512) 305-7030 or mail a letter to:

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
333 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78701

Condition H

Condition H, also known as Condition Help, is a protocol in place to address the patient’s needs in the case of an emergency or when they feel they are failing to get the attention of their health care provider. By having the ability to activate a Condition H, patients and their families have a resource to bring immediate help when they feel they are not receiving adequate medical attention.

As a leader in patient safety and quality initiatives, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances has implemented this practice to better serve our patients and their families. Family members are often the first one’s to notice a change in the patient’s condition, and with the Condition H initiative we encourage our patients and their family members to work with us as partners in care.

When to Activate Condition H

If after speaking with a member of your health care team (i.e. nurses, physicians) about a significant decline in the patient’s condition you continue to have serious concerns about how care is being administered, managed or planned for the patient.

How to Activate Condition H

  • Please refer to the Condition H materials provided in your patient room

What Happens Next?

  • The operator will immediately activate Condition H
  • An entirely new team of medical professionals will arrive at the patient's room to assess the situation
  • And additional clinical support will be called in as needed

Partners in Care

Patients need to stay informed about medications, diagnoses and treatment. Research shows that patients who do not know or ask about their health care are less likely to accept the doctor’s choice of treatment and are less likely to do what they need to do for the treatment to be successful.

Communication between a patient and their caregiver can help minimize the complexity of health care and increase the potential for positive outcomes.

What you can do:

  • Print out a Medication Wallet card
  • Ask questions. It is OK to ask questions and expect answers that you understand. Speak up if you have concerns.
  • Ask a family member or friend to be your advocate, as you never know when you might need someone who can help get things done or speak for you if you're unable.
  • Make sure you have provided your caregivers with all of your health information, as these details can affect the way you respond to medication and other treatments.
  • Make sure you know which doctor is in charge of your care to ensure all of your health issues are known.

While in the hospital

  • Make sure you have a hospital-issued ID bracelet. Ask your caregivers for assistance if this is missing
  • Make sure your ID bracelet information is correct and call attention to your care team if anything is incorrect
  • Ask your doctor to explain your treatments and medications you will be using at home to ensure proper aftercare
  • Ask about test results, even if you haven't received a call yet
  • Be an active member of your health care team and make sure you understand your condition and care

For Any Other Concerns

If you have any concerns that are not related to the patient’s medical condition (i.e. diet, phone, room temperature, room condition) please talk to your nurse or reference your Patient Handbook for the appropriate number to call.

Patient Advocacy

At CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, we care about you. We are proudly ranked among the top 10% in the nation for outstanding patient experience. This distinctive award places CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances within the top 10% of hospitals nationwide for exemplary service to our patients. 

We are also one of only 340 hospitals in the nation to receive the 2009-2010 HealthGrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award.

We care about what you think

Your opinion counts, and in an effort to provide our patients, their families and guests with exceptional care and service, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances measures the level of satisfaction individuals have with the services they receive. 

These results are vital to determine customer service initiatives in both CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances hospitals and CHRISTUS Trinity Clinics.

We welcome your comments at any time. If you receive a survey from one of our clinics following a visit for care, we encourage you to participate so we can continue providing the very best in health care.

For more information, send us feedback online or call our Patient Advocacy Office at (903) 525-7670.