Customer Service Survey Form - CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System

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Customer Service Survey

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How effective were the management and staff in the following areas? Did they...

* 1. Treat you in a friendly and professional manner that made you and members of your family feel welcomed?
* 2. Go beyond your expectations in terms of the customer service they provided?
* 3. Show a real sense of urgency and fulfill your request promptly?
* 4. Seem well-organized and systematic in carrying out their work?
* 5. "Get it right the first time" by paying attention to important details?
* 6. Can you rely on them to follow up on your requests?
* 7. Overall how would you rate the level of customer service your received?
* 8. How would you compare our standards of customer service with other healthcare providers?
* 9. Would you use this health system again and/or recommend it to someone else?