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CME Mission Statement

The mission of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System is to provide educational activities that supplement, enhance, and maintain the knowledge and skills of the physician enabling the physician to provide exceptional quality patient care. The ultimate goal of the  CME program is to enhance community health through service with compassion, excellence, and efficiency.

Target Audience

CME activities will be created to meet the identified educational needs of practicing physicians at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, as well as physicians throughout the adjoining regions and Texas' contiguous borders. Participation by non-physician allied healthcare providers will be encouraged, where appropriate. The CME program will target the system's medical staff with an emphasis on Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Oncology, Trauma (including Surgical/Critical Care and Emergency Medicine) and other medical subspecialties.

Content Areas

CME activities will address the entire scope of medical specialties and subspecialties and will be designed to keep pace with advances in medicine, technology and biomedical research, as well as changes in the health care environment. Ethics and/or professional responsibility programming will be presented throughout the year in order for physicians to meet the state licensure requirement. Activities will be planned to provide new knowledge, enhance existing knowledge and skills, and when appropriate, encourage change in practice behaviors to improve patient care.

Types of Activities

Current and emerging methods and technologies will be utilized to deliver quality educational experiences for adult learners in a variety of formats including, but not limited to: on-going weekly and monthly activities (case discussions, workshops, lectures, etc.), free standing one-time programs (lectures, conferences, seminars, etc.), and training with hands-on experience (ACLS, CASAT, etc).

Expected Results

It is anticipated that CME activities will be balanced, ethical and objective. CME activities will strengthen and expand the medical knowledge and skills of physicians and other participants. In addition, it is expected that the program will meet the accreditation requirements of the Texas Medical Association and other applicable guidelines. Educational activities will be assessed by the participants on a regular basis. Additionally, the Medical Staff will be surveyed annually to assess the program overall. All results will be forwarded to CME Committee for review and action. When appropriate, outcomes measurement projects will be implemented to measure changes in practice and the role of the educational activity in promoting that change.