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Nursing Resource Center

The CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System Nursing Resource Center (NRC) is our system-wide float pool for PRN nursing staff. Our flexible, tiered program allows you to choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle, with opportunities to earn premium pay on top of our competitive base rates. Plus, we offer a 15% PM shift differential to all PRN RNs in our NRC, regardless of commitment level.

Ready to join our Nursing Resource Center? Submit an online application now.

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Nursing Resource Center Program Details


  • To qualify for a position in the NRC, you must have:
  • ADN or BSN from an accredited college of nursing
  • Texas RN license
  • Current CPR certification (some units may require additional specialty certifications)
  • At least two years of recent acute care RN experience

Tier System

Our Tier System is based on your commitment to be available for the minimum number of hours and events (weekends, high census days or holidays) indicated on the tier you select.

TierMinimum Time Commitment
(per 8-week schedule)
Event Commitment*
(per 8-week schedule)
Minimum Unassigned Shifts
(per 8-week schedule)
Premium Pay
(on top of base rates)
I 48 hours
(4 shifts)
1 event shift
0 shifts
II 96 hours
(8 shifts)
2 event shifts, to include 2 holiday shifts per year 0 shifts
III 168 hours
(14 shifts)
4 event shifts, to include 3 holiday shifts per year 3 shifts
IV 240 hours
(20 shifts)
6 event shifts, to include 4 holiday shifts per year 4 shifts

Holiday Commitment

Tier I
No holidays required
RNs in Tier I may fulfill their event commitment with 1 shift on a weekend, high census day or any holiday from the lists below
Tier II
2 holidays per year
  1. Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day
  2. Thanksgiving or Christmas Day
Tier III
3 holidays per year
  1. Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day
  2. Thanksgiving or Christmas Day
  3. Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day
Tier IV
4 holidays per year
  1. Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day
  2. Thanksgiving or Christmas Day
  3. Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day
  4. Difficult-to-fill holidays (e.g., Super Bowl Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Mother's Day, Day after Thanksgiving)

How to Apply

Ready to join our Nursing Resource Center? Submit an online application now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get benefits?

PRN nursing positions in the Nursing Resource Center are considered temporary and are eligible to voluntarily participate in a supplementary retirement program after completion of 1,000 hours. No other benefits are available.

What types of units are available?

Please note this list is not comprehensive, and is subject to change:

  • Emergency and Intensive Care: Emergency Care Center, MICU, Neuro ICU, PACU, SICU, Urgent Care/Direct Care
  • Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital: Cardiac Observation, Cath Lab, CVICU, Electrophysiology Lab, Noninvasive Cardiology, Outpatient Cath Unit, Telemetry, Vascular
  • Maternal-Child: Labor and Delivery, Mother-Baby, NICU, Pediatrics
  • Medical-Surgical/Neurosciences: General Medical, General Surgical, Joint Replacement Center, Med/Surg Overflow, Neuro Monitoring, Observation Care Center, Oncology, Pre-Admission Surgery Screening, Pre-Op, Spine Center, Stroke Center
  • Procedural Areas: Endoscopy, Pain Center, Testing Outpatient Procedures and Services, Day Surgery
  • Surgical Services: OR
  • Jacksonville Campus: Emergency Care Center, Med/Surg, Surgical Services
  • Winnsboro Campus: Emergency Care Center, Med/Surg, Surgical Services

Am I required to work weekends?

All tiers have “event” requirements. An event can be a weekend, holiday or high census day. A weekend is defined as 7:00 pm Friday to 7:00 am Monday. To see the Tier System chart, see the Nursing Resource Center Program Details tab above.

Am I required to work on holidays?

RNs in Tiers II, III and IV are required to commit to be available on 2–4 holidays per year, depending on tier level. To find specific holiday requirements for each tier, see the Nursing Resource Center Program Details tab above.

How are my hours scheduled?

We offer convenient, 24/7 self-scheduling with an online program. You will enter your availability according to an 8-week schedule.

Are my hours guaranteed?

There is no guarantee of hours for PRN staff. You may be cancelled prior to the start of your scheduled shift if not needed.

If I enter availability to work a shift/unit but am not needed, or am sent home early, does that fulfill my obligation or do I need to actually work the minimum hours/units?

Your obligation is to be scheduled for the minimum number of hours, weekends, holidays, etc. If you are canceled or only work half the shift, you have still fulfilled your obligation.

What if I don’t fulfill my minimum commitment for hours, weekends, holidays, etc.?

You will receive a letter of warning that you must come into compliance immediately. Upon a second occurrence in the same rolling 12-month period, you will be automatically moved to a lower tier commitment and subsequent lower premium pay level. If there is continued non-compliance with the tier commitment, you may lose eligibility to participate as an NRC nurse.

Will I work at more than one campus?

You may be asked to work at other CHRISTUS® Trinity Mother Frances Health System campuses, but it is not required.

If I am a Tier I nurse, will I float to other units?

Yes, if needed. PRN nurses are the first to float to other units, regardless of tier; however, you will never be asked to float to a unit that is outside the boundaries of your knowledge, skill level and competencies.

Is there a limit to the number of hours a nurse can work at the premium rates?

There is no limit to the number of hours you can work at the premium rate, as long as the hours are available and your work schedule is reasonable and safe. Self-scheduling to work more than five consecutive days requires Director approval.

Am I eligible for overtime pay?

Yes. Overtime pay is calculated on your base rate plus any tier premium.

I want to orient to additional units to expand my expertise. Will that orientation be paid?

If you have recent acute care experience in that area, up to 24 hours of orientation will be paid. NRC RNs who want to orient to critical care areas must have the certifications required by the unit and meet a minimum commitment of hours (to be determined on a case-by-case basis) in order to be allowed this specialized training.

I am a Tier III or Tier IV nurse. Can I fulfill my unassigned shift requirement within a single unit?

No. You must be competent to float to cover the need in more than one unit to meet the “unassigned” shift requirement.

Can I change to a different tier level after I’ve started?

You may change to a lower tier level once every 18 months. Changes to tiers with higher work commitments may be made at any time.

Is this plan available for administrative or non-direct care PRN staff?

No. The PRN tier structure is available for direct care, bedside RNs only.

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