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Radiosurgery with Novalis Tx™

Patients of the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute and Texas Oncology-Tyler are among the first in the nation to have access to state-of-the-art radiation equipment that provides faster and more accurate treatment for a wide variety of cancers.  The Novalis Tx™ is a powerful radiosurgery and radiotherapy system that penetrates deeper and faster into the body to treat tumors considered inoperable.

The radiosurgery platform allows for intricately customized settings that enable treatments to be highly targeted and accurate. Cancers that can be treated by radiosurgery include those within the head, neck, brain, pancreas, liver, prostate and lungs. Because the system is so accurate, nearby healthy tissue is protected from damaging radiation so larger doses of radiation can be delivered to the targeted tumor with each treatment.

Radiosurgery offers physicians more flexibility in utilizing framed or frameless treatments as well as offering both cone-based and multi-leaf technology. Most patients will find that their treatments take significantly less time with Novalis Tx™ than if they were treated using previous-generation technology.

To find out if radiosurgery is right for you, contact your own primary care physician for consultation and a referral.

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