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Portable CT Scanner

CereTom® Portable 8-slice CT scanner

CereTom® Portable 8-slice CT Scanner by NeuroLogica

CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital is the first in the region to add a portable 8-slice head and neck computed tomography (CT) scanner for use in the Surgery Center, Neuro ICU, ICU and other areas of the hospital. The device allows for immediate head CT scans in the Neuro ICU without transport of critically ill complex patients.

The CereTom® developed by NeuroLogica is a portable 8-slice CT scanner that acquires 1.25MM slices per rotation. It is compact, wireless and can be used while the patient is still in their bed - allowing the physician to monitor cerebral blood flow without disturbing the patient. During transportation, patients are extremely vulnerable. The portable CT scanner eliminates this disruption by having the scanner brought bedside to the patient, providing a quick and accurate scan for critical patients.

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