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BrainLAB Navigation System

BrainLAB neurosurgery solutions unite crucial aspects of surgical treatment, from planning and navigation to data management and intra-operative imaging, providing neurosurgeons everything needed to generate treatment plans for navigated procedures.

The most powerful planning solution available, this computerized imaging technology maps the surface anatomy of the patient’s head, giving the neurosurgeon a three-dimensional view of the patient’s head. Automatic fusion of CT and MRI data allows for more accurate imaging of critical areas and outlines critical structures easier and faster for improved intra-operative visibility.

The BrainLAB Iplan® surgical planning platform empowers doctors and the surgical services team to more effectively use the massive amount of diagnostic information available, leading to more efficient and precise surgery. The surgeon can see exactly where a tumor is located, as well as what tissues to avoid. Other advantages of the new technology include the ability to make much smaller incisions and remove less tissue than was previously possible. The VectorVision system allows volumetric data to be immediately obtained to help navigate the surgical instruments. The integrated and automated registration process saves time and provides a high level of accuracy.

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