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Blue 400 Zeiss Microscope

Zeiss OPMI® Pentero® Surgical Microscope

The surgical microscope OPMI Pentero for neurosurgery, ENT and spine surgery uniquely combines solutions for basic requirements with a variety of additional benefits: intra-operative fluorescence, integration of the entire digital video chain, integration of the surgical microscope into the hospital’s information and communication infrastructure, and the state-of-the-art optics of the legendary crystal-clear images associated with the Carl Zeiss firm.

The first in the USA to install this state-of-the-art technology, the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute surgeons utilize the innovative optical design of the OPMI Pentero for a variety of procedures. The patented, two-channel illumination system of the microscope delivers 20% more light than previous models and provide light wherever it’s needed—a distinct advantage which gives higher-contrast images in narrow and deep canals. The high-speed autofocus automatically delivers razor-sharp images at all times, regardless of magnification.

Surgeons can only treat what they can see—and the advanced technology of the Carl Zeiss microscope technology enables them to see more. The Zeiss Blue 400 microscope provides neurosurgery with revolutionary fluorescence technology for fluorescence-guided tumor resection, enhancing efficiency with image quality that is clearly and instantly available during the operation. Blue 400 enables precise definition of tumor margins during the removal of malignant brain tumor tissue. This is indispensable to preserve vital and functional areas of the brain and to ensure that the patient’s quality of life is not impaired. Blue 400 serves as an excellent aid for visualizing tumors clearly at any time during the procedure.

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