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Spine FAQs

How long can I expect my surgery to take?

The length of surgery varies depending on the type of surgery performed. It can average from one hour to three hours.

How long will I have to stay in the hospital?

Some procedures may be done on an outpatient basis and others may require a stay of approximately three days.

How long until I can return to work?

Most back surgery patients can return to work within one month but this varies from person to person.

What restrictions will I have?

No strenuous activities or contact sports for four to six weeks. You will have lifting, pulling, and bending restrictions until you are instructed otherwise, which is typically after four to six weeks.

How do I take care of my incision?

Your incision will either be closed with sutures, staples, or glue. When you can shower will depend on the mechanism used for closure. As with any wound, watch for signs of infection after surgery such as redness, drainage, swelling or temperature greater than 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

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