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Total Endoscopic Robotic Bypass (TECAB)

This new technique eliminates the need to open a 2-3 inch area between the ribs to allow room to hand-sew the bypass from outside the body.

Instead, small port holes are used for the surgeon-controlled robotic arms to perform the procedure. The port holes are small enough to allow coverage by an average-size bandage after surgery. In addition, a section of the mammary vessel from the inside of the chest wall is harvested instead of the traditional harvesting of the saphenous vein.

This eliminates the extra incision on the inside of the leg. CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic cardiothoracic surgeon William F. Turner, Jr., MD, is the only heart surgeon in Texas currently offering this unique procedure. The Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital is proud to have Dr. Turner on our team.


Dr. William Turner is a leader in Texas in the field of robotic heart bypass surgery. In January 2013, he completed his 100th totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass (TECAB) procedure at the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in Tyler, Texas.

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