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Hospital Improvements

Cardiology Team with patient

Growing a spectacular facility

Phase One of the Owen Heart Hospital includes state-of-the-art enhancements of medical and information technology, rigorous staff training in advanced cardiac care methods and conversion of the fourth floor of the Ornelas Tower to create a new 24-bed cardiac intensive care unit utilizing the modified Universal Bed model of care.

Key features of Phase One:

  • 24-bed Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
  • 26-bed Cardiac Telemetry Intermediate Care Unit
  • 13-bed Vascular Unit
  • 6-bed Cardiac Observation Unit providing a thorough and faster diagnosis with 24/7 physician and midlevel coverage
  • Complete medical screening
  • Comprehensive patient education program
  • Committed Respiratory and Physical Therapy / Cardiac Rehabilitation team
  • Multi-disciplinary care team model
  • Modified Universal Bed to provide all levels of care, from admission to discharge
  • Comprehensive discharge plan with follow-up calls by our team the following day
  • Improved communication with primary care team
  • Concierge level service for patient and family
  • Focus on family engagement in the recovery process
  • Open visitation policy
  • 24-hour physician coverage
  • Unified communication portal for patients, team members, and outside referrals
  • Midlevel providers
  • Incorporation of EMR 

Phase Two - Opened Fall 2012 

Heart Hospital LobbyPhase Two of the new Heart Hospital began construction in the Spring of 2011, and was completed in the fall of 2012. The free-standing, multi-story structure adjacent to CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital will connect directly to Phase One area of the Heart Hospital. The new facility will include all the benefits of a hospital dedicated to heart care, while ensuring immediate access to all medical services of the acute care hospital. Phase Two included:

  • Three floors with a total of more than 72 ICU-capable patient beds dedicated exclusively to cardiac patients and designed to provide all levels of care, from admission through discharge
  • 16 cardiac observation beds for rapid assessment and treatment
  • Three new dedicated cardiac and thoracic OR suites
  • On-site Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
  • Inpatient and outpatient cardiac diagnostics
  • Conference center for community events and heart screenings
  • Separate entry and driveway accessible from East Dawson Street, with valet parking and patient assistance available
  • Spacious multi-level lobby with amenities including gift shop and food kiosk
  • Meditation room / chapel to meet spiritual needs of patients, families and caregivers
  • Patient and Family Education Center and Resource Center
  • One-stop registration using a new electronic medical record
  • Room service dining available