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Trinity Mother Frances
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a comprehensive program for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD. Our goal is to help patients improve their quality of life and reduce the severity of their symptoms. Each participant receives a plan tailored to their individual needs that includes exercise and educational components.

The Trinity Mother Frances Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is unique because it is an individualized program that occurs in a group setting. Participants build relationships with other members of the group and encourage each other in their progress.

Classes at the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in Tyler at 703 S. Fleishel.

Classes are held twice a week and consist of monitored exercise, educational presentations and group dialogue. To join the program, patients must be referred by their personal physician. All program exercise is supervised by a licensed respiratory therapist and participants are monitored before, during and after exercise to ensure patient safety.

Benefits of the Program

        Improved quality of life

        Reduced respiratory symptoms

        Increased exercise tolerance and performance

        Enhanced ability to perform daily routine

        Ability to return to work for some patients

        Increased knowledge of pulmonary disease and its management

        Reduced number of hospitalizations and length of stay

        Reduced depression and anxiety caused by chronic pulmonary disease

        Improved feelings of hope, control and self-esteem

Better Breathers Support Group
Better Breathers, a support group for patients with chronic respiratory disease, meets monthly. Physicians and other health care professionals speak on issues that impact the lives of respiratory patients dealing with chronic disease.


(903) 606-4770 – Tyler

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