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Joint Replacement Therapy

The average hospital stay for joint replacement is about three or four days after having a hip or knee replacement. Most patients are able to go home after their hospital stay but the recovery period varies from person to person. Patients may need to use a walker for about four weeks after the surgery. Most patients are able to drive a car after two to four weeks and return to activities such as golf and tennis around twelve weeks.

Our comprehensive pre-operative education class helps prepare patients for their surgery, post-surgery days in the hospital, and ongoing therapy and recovery after discharge. In order to participate in the program, patients are asked to join in this educational process, as research has shown improved outcomes and greater patient comfort and satisfaction as a result.

Group Experience
Patients go through the recovery process as a group - eating, exercising and enjoying activities together and providing encouragement and enthusiastic support to one another. Studies show that patients who recover as a team reach their goals faster and with fewer complications.

The Coach
During the recovery process, most patients will have a close friend or family member act as their “coach.” This is strongly encouraged because the coach plays a very important role in helping the patient reach his or her goals. The Joint Replacement Center considers patient education, group support, involvement of family and friends and positive reinforcement to be the most important factors in the patient's recovery.


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