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Jayesh Patel MD Rehab Protocols

General Protocols
General Pre-Operative Instructions
Sports Metrics Program

ACL Reconstruction with Accelerated Rehab
ACL Reconstruction with Delayed Rehab
Ankle Fracture Rehab (Weight Bearing)
Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy and Debridement
Knee Arthroscopy
MCL Repair
Medial Patello-Femoral Ligament Reconstruction
Meniscus Repair
Patellar Quadriceps Tendon Repair
Patello Femoral Syndrome (Jumper's Knee)

Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction
Arthroscopic Bankart Repair
Arthroscopic Decompression
Arthroscopic Distal Biceps Repair
Rotator Cuff Repair
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder Replacement
SLAP Lesion Repair


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