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Nurse Residency Program

The CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Nurse Residency Program is built on an evidence-based curriculum that meets national residency accreditation standards.
It is designed to effectively support new graduate nurses as you transition into your first professional role as a caregiver in the acute care hospital setting.

Our goal is:

  • To improve their ability to attract, train, and retain high-quality nurses
  • To provide recent nursing school graduates with the hands-on assistance they need to gain proficiency in their profession
  • To increase nurses’ satisfaction with their work and leverage this improvement to decrease turnover and increase commitment to the profession

Program Focus

Core content focuses on 3 critical areas:

  1. Leadership: Managing resources—including staff, supplies, and services—for optimal patient care and collaborating with the interdisciplinary team
  2. Patient Safety and Outcomes: Applying their foundational knowledge of critical, nurse-sensitive topic areas to their practice at the patient's bedside
  3. Professional Role: The growth and development of the nurse, both professionally and personally

Program Curriculum

Program is designed to support the new graduate nurse in:

  • Using effective decision-making skills
  • Providing clinical nursing leadership
  • Incorporating research-based evidence into practice
  • Strengthening professional commitment to nursing
  • Formulating an individual development plan

Key Features:

  • Program is one year in length
  • Layers on top of hospital and nursing orientation and specialty training courses
  • All participants partner with a school of nursing, creating a clinical and academic link
  • Core content provided in structured monthly seminars for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Systematic opportunities for access to preceptors and expert resident facilitators

Graduates of the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances residency program:

  • Gain clinical autonomy at the point of patient care
  • Are able to incorporate research-based evidence into their practices to advance safe, high-quality nursing
  • Strengthen their commitment to nursing as a career choice