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“The purpose of Hearts of Hope is to uplift the spirits and bring healing and hope to children who have been affected by various forms of illness,” Luis Sottil said. “It is a magical transformation when a child is given the opportunity to open up their heart and express their emotions through color.”

In April, Sottil invited four CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System Miracle Children to draw “the eyes and the smile of the person they want to be when they grow up” within a heart-shaped space.

Hand-in-hand, Sottil and these inspirational children depicted their hopes and dreams of the future. Sottil returned to his studio with these HEARTS OF HOPE to finish the pieces with imagery of the child’s favorite animal as a frame around the heart-shaped work.

The Luis Sottil Foundation

The Luis Sottil Foundation was formed to join the fight against terminal diseases in children, bringing them joy and hope as well as essential financial support so they can have the best opportunity to survive. This task is accomplished by enriching the cultural environment of different communities in the United States and Mexico through the promotion of the arts. With this in mind, the Luis Sottil Foundation created the Art for Life Project

In Sottil's own words:

“It is at the core of human decency and kindness to offer a child compassion, healing and hope throughout their courageous fight.”

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Meet the Artists

These four talented young children created beautiful Hearts of Hope, which will be available for purchase on September 20.

Age 8

Age 5

Age 4

Age 2

Thank you for bringing health and hope to the children of East Texas through your generous support.

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