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UrgentCARE Tyler
Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8am - 8pm

Saturday and Sunday

8am - 6pm


Tell 'Em Frankie Sent Ya

Trinity Mother Frances UrgentCARE provides immediate medical attention for minor medical conditions that do not require treatment at a hospital emergency room.

With on-site X-ray and laboratory services, we are able to treat almost any routine illness or injury.  We are staffed by a distinguished team of physicians and clinicians you can trust and who are dedicated to providing the same quality and compassionate care you receive from your primary care physician.

Our conveniently located Trinity Mother Frances UrgentCARE facility offers extended and weekend hours as well as online appointment scheduling so that we are here for you when you need us.


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Symptom Checker

Feeling under the weather?

Use our interactive symptom checker to evaluate your symptoms and determine appropriate action or treatment.