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Title Date
Fish, Exercise May Help Thwart Colon Cancer's Return: Study 06/03/2014
Take Heart: Mediterranean Diet Combats Type 2 Diabetes, Study Says 06/03/2014
Among New Smokers, Teen Boys More Likely to Quit Than Girls: Study 06/03/2014
Anti-Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Mice Study 06/03/2014
First-Time Colon Cancer Screening May Be Beneficial for Elderly 06/03/2014
Men Feel More Pain After Major Surgeries, Study Finds 06/03/2014
1 of 8 U.S. Kids Mistreated Before Age 18, Study Finds 06/02/2014
Certain Breast Cancer Patients May Need Little Treatment After Tumor Removal 06/02/2014
Heart Attack in Middle Age May Be Tougher on Women 06/02/2014
Hurricanes With Female Names Have Been Deadlier 06/02/2014
More Hispanics Took Heart Meds After Medicare Part D Launch 06/02/2014
There's No 'Obesity Paradox' for Stroke, Study Finds 06/02/2014
More Evidence Links Poor Diet to Preterm Birth 06/02/2014
Breath Test May Spot Lung Cancer 06/02/2014
New Drug May Boost Survival for Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients: Study 06/02/2014
Obama Moves to Cut Power Plant Emissions 06/02/2014
Boston Marathon Bombings Left Psychological Scars on Kids 06/02/2014
E-Cigarette Advertising Soars on American TV, Study Finds 06/02/2014
Immune-Based Treatment May Fight Advanced Cervical Cancer 06/02/2014
Learning Another Language May Help the Aging Brain 06/02/2014
Melanoma Drug Trials Show Significant Promise 06/02/2014
1 in 4 Smokers With Gene Defect May Get Lung Cancer 06/02/2014
Does Timing Play a Role in Survival After Hospital Admission, Surgery? 06/02/2014
Experimental Drug May Extend Lung Cancer Survival, Study Suggests 06/02/2014
Natural Blondes May Have 1 Gene to Thank 06/02/2014
451..461 records of 461  << |  Previous
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Trinity Clinic is the area's preferred multispecialty medical group, with over 350 physicians and mid-level providers representing 40 specialties in 36 clinic locations serving East Texas.

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