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Title Date
Mom's Epilepsy Drugs Appear Safe in Breast Milk 06/16/2014
Older Breast Cancer Patients Do Follow Drug Therapy: Study 06/16/2014
Study Ties Too Much Sitting to Risks for Certain Cancers 06/16/2014
Study: Similar Outcomes From Combat Head Injuries, Regardless of Cause 06/16/2014
After Death of a Spouse, Friends Might Help More Than Relatives 06/16/2014
Diabetes Distress Is Distinct From Depression, Researchers Say 06/16/2014
Younger Blacks on Dialysis Fare Worse in Poor Neighborhoods: Study 06/16/2014
'Bionic Pancreas' Improves Blood Sugar Control for People With Type 1 Diabetes 06/16/2014
Caffeine Affects Teen Boys, Girls Differently, Study Says 06/16/2014
Delinquent Teens More Likely to Die Violently as Adults: Study 06/16/2014
Scientists Reverse Type 1 Diabetes in Mice 06/16/2014
Stricter Laws Might Reduce Aggressive Driving in Young Males: Study 06/14/2014
Headaches During Sex More Common Than Thought, Expert Says 06/13/2014
Underage Binge Drinkers Grab the Hard Stuff, Survey Finds 06/13/2014
Background TV May Hinder Toddlers' Language Development 06/13/2014
More U.S. Service Members in Treatment for Mental Health Disorders 06/13/2014
Standing During Meetings May Get Creative Juices Flowing 06/13/2014
Can Weight-Loss Surgery Lower Cancer Risk for the Obese? 06/13/2014
Dads Who Do Housework May Spur Daughters to Aim High: Study 06/13/2014
Gut Bacteria in Young Diabetic Kids Show Differences 06/13/2014
Hospital's Efforts to Boost Patient Safety Pay Off 06/12/2014
Hot Dogs, Salami May Raise Men's Heart Failure Risk, Study Suggests 06/12/2014
Blacks May Respond Better Than Whites to Diabetes Drug Metformin 06/12/2014
Cancer Survivors Face Mounting Costs of Continuing Medical Care: Study 06/12/2014
Cool Teens, Uncool Future? 06/12/2014
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Trinity Clinic

Trinity Clinic is the area's preferred multispecialty medical group, with over 350 physicians and mid-level providers representing 40 specialties in 36 clinic locations serving East Texas.

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