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Title Date
Is Tau the 'How' Behind Alzheimer's? 10/31/2014
Child's Appendix More Likely to Rupture in Regions Short of Surgeons 10/31/2014
Sleep Apnea May Steal Some of Your Memory: Study 10/31/2014
Spinal Surgery Varies by Region in U.S.: Study 10/31/2014
Study Shows How Toddlers Adjust to Adult Anger 10/31/2014
Generic Drugs May Help Breast Cancer Patients Stick to Therapy 10/31/2014
Halloween at the ER Is No Treat 10/31/2014
Kids: An Rx for Menopause's Hot Flashes? 10/31/2014
Make the Most of This Weekend's Time Change 10/31/2014
Study Confirms Obesity-Breast Cancer Link for Blacks, Hispanics 10/31/2014
Almost 1 in 5 Americans Plagued by Constant Pain, Survey Suggests 10/31/2014
'Informal Care' for Older Americans Tops $500B Annually, Study Finds 10/30/2014
Eczema Tied to Bone Fracture Risk in Study 10/30/2014
Fewer Malpractice Claims Paid in U.S. 10/30/2014
Leprosy Still Occurs in U.S., CDC Reports 10/30/2014
4 Steps Could Quell Ebola in West Africa, Researchers Say 10/30/2014
Halloween Safety Tips for Kids With Asthma 10/30/2014
World Bank Pledges $100M More to Fight West Africa's Ebola Outbreak 10/30/2014
Brain Scans Yield Clues to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 10/30/2014
Study Compares 2 Common Weight-Loss Surgeries 10/30/2014
Frailty Tied to Lower Survival Rates After Kidney Transplant 10/30/2014
Scientists Set Their Sights on First Whole-Eye Transplant 10/30/2014
Would Alternative Payment Plan Cut Medical Bills? 10/30/2014
FDA Approves New Vaccine to Protect Against Meningitis 10/29/2014
Voters' Views on Obamacare Split Along Party Lines 10/29/2014
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Trinity Clinic

Trinity Clinic is the area's preferred multispecialty medical group, with over 350 physicians and mid-level providers representing 40 specialties in 36 clinic locations serving East Texas.

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