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Benefits of Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

Beating Heart Stabilizer System

Beating Heart Bypass Surgery is different from traditional bypass surgery because it is performed while your heart is still beating. Your surgeon does not use the heart-lung machine to stop your heart during the procedure. In some cases, the surgeon may still need to use the heart-lung machine during the operation. A perfusionist (a specialist trained to operate the heart-lung machine) may remain on standby during your operation.

With this approach, surgeons can perform multiple bypass grafts on all areas of the heart, including the backside (posterior), at the same time. What this means is, the surgeon can perform a triple (three bypass grafts), quadruple (four bypass grafts) or more through a middle of the chest incision all off-pump.

Benefits of Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

Your physician may choose the beating heart bypass procedure for you because of benefits such as:

• Decreased length of hospital stay
• Less trauma due to the elimination of the heart-lung machine
• Reduced need for blood transfusions
• Fewer cognitive and neurological consequences such as stroke

In addition, studies show that patients who are treated with traditional bypass surgery may suffer from lapses in mental acuity that result from brain damage caused by the stopped heart bypass surgery.

Potential benefits of Beating Heart Bypass vs. Traditional Bypass surgery

When compared to traditional coronary artery bypass procedures that stop the patient's heart and utilize a heart-lung machine, beating heart bypass procedures reduced:

• Transfusion rates
• Length of post-operative hospital stay
• Hospital costs
• Post-operative cognitive dysfunction

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