September 2 2011 - Nurses Complete Critical Care Residency

Congratulations to the following nurses who recently completed the critical care residency.

Pictured left to right
Front row Julie Miller, RN - ICU educator; Leticia Burgos RN - Neuro ICU, Lindsey Newton, RN Neuro ICU, Jennifer Carpenter, RN - MICU/SICU, Bonnie Leach, RN - MICU/SICU, Michelle Hanna, RN - Neuro ICU

Second Row: Molly Clifton, RN - Neuro ICU, Kelly Adkinson, RN - Neuro ICU, Kristen Mathews, RN - MICU/SICU; Rebecca Allison, RN - MICU/SICU

Thirds Row: Dennis Bailey, RN - MICU/SICU, Brittany Norman, RN - LPO Heart Hospital ICU; Anne Cowan-Maness, RN - LPO Heart Hospital IMC; Alisa Betancourt, RN - LPO Heart Hospital IMC; Stepahnie Sorich, RN - Neuro ICU

These nurses have gained knowledge on the latest evidenced based assessments and interventions required for caring for acutely and critically ill patients. This class utilizes the on-line Essentials of Critical Care Orientation from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. TMF educators blend this systems-based in-depth e-learning course on managing the acute and critically ill patient with clinical rounding with participants on the unit, and classroom time analyzing case studies & reviewing care from clinical hours spent caring for a patient with a preceptor. Please offer these nurses your congratulations!