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New Location To Feature Select Comfort Beds And Flat Panel Televisions



TYLER, TXAccording to a March 2005 study from the National Sleep Foundation, fewer than half of Americans surveyed reported regularly getting a good night’s sleep, with 10 percent saying they rarely get a decent night’s sleep.  Three percent reported never getting restful sleep.  Many in the survey reported relationship and intimacy problems because of sleep deprivation or a sleep disorder.

So why aren’t Americans getting enough sleep, and what can be done to solve the problem?  According to R.V. Ghuge, MD, D, ABSM, Trinity Clinic Sleep Medicine Medical Director, the cause could be physical as well as emotional.

“We have stress factors in our everyday lives that affect us when we try to sleep.  Some people may have anxiety or depression and it’s not until we settle into bed that our minds begin to process those stresses or fears,” said Dr. Ghuge.  “But, it’s important to note that not all disorders are emotional.  Some individuals may have problems with snoring or wake up several times throughout the night because they have sleep apnea."

The new Trinity Mother Frances Sleep Center, located at 120 E. Charnwood, can help.  The facility opens for public tours Friday from 3 until 5:30  p.m. and patient sleep studies begin Saturday.

The facility will include 10 private patient rooms wired with advanced sleep monitoring technology and include many of the comforts of home.  The Sleep Center includes 10 private rooms with many amenities, including Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort™ and a flat panel television in each room.

Dr. Ghuge said the new facility would allow for additional patients to be treated each day and is designed to feel more like the home setting, which should help patients to feel more comfortable during their testing.


“Finding the cause for and treating a sleep disorder can help solve other health problems, and many times prevent heart attacks or even death,” said Dr. Ghuge.  “Most people would be very shocked to discover the health risks that are associated with leaving a sleep disorder untreated.  When a person does not get restful sleep, it can affect their safety, their demeanor and their relationships with their family and friends.”


Inadequate sleep may seem irrelevant until it is evaluated in terms of the potential risks and medical implications.  Left untreated, sleep apnea -- where individuals actually stop breathing for short periods of time throughout the sleep cycle – and other disorders may pose serious health risks.


Common sleep disorders include insomnia (the inability to fall sleep, stay asleep, and even early morning awakenings), snoring, sleepwalking, night terrors, nightmares, narcolepsy (problems staying awake) and sleep apnea.  Sleep affects how we live – it can impair decision-making abilities, mental alertness, memory, how we drive and even motor performance.


Symptoms of sleep apnea include excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, weight gain, muscle and body aches, ability to focus on through processes and waking up feeling unrefreshed, among other things.  A definite sign is if someone witnesses another who stops breathing during sleep.  If an individual suspects a problem, he or she should bring it to the attention of their primary doctor who can recommend a visit to a sleep medicine physician who will do a clinical evaluation and may order a sleep study.


For some patients a sleep study is recommended to aid physicians in uncovering the underlying cause of the disorder.  The Trinity Mother Frances Sleep Center utilizes advanced technology to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the patient.  Brainwave activity, eye movement, chin muscles, respiration, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and airflow through the nose and mouth are monitored throughout the study.


Patients check into the lab just before bedtime and the study is conducted while they sleep, concluding around 6 a.m. the following morning.  The center is directed by a board-certified sleep medicine physician and is open seven days a week, offering patients added convenience.


To find out more about sleep disorders and sleep tests, call Trinity Mother Frances TeleCare Plus at 903-531-5678.  For more information on services provided through Trinity Mother Frances Health System, visit www.tmfhs.org.



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