May 2 2008 - Trinity Clinic Highlights Electronic Medical Records System

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May 2, 2008

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Media Relations
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TYLER, TX - Officials with Trinity Clinic are celebrating full implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) system that improves safety, quality, promotes physician collaboration and communication, and includes e-prescriptions. Electronic prescribing, a technology that is rapidly becoming the gold standard of safe medication prescribing, is now in use by Trinity Clinic physicians.

Virtually all Trinity Clinic physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants use the GE Centricity® EMR system. Trinity Clinic officials said the process of converting patient records to a more storage-friendly and physician-accessible electronic file format has taken 10 years, but is worth the effort.

"Today, electronic medical records seems like a logical thing for all medical facilities to have, but in 1998 when the Health System made the decision to go forward with this massive undertaking, it was great foresight. I believe what Trinity Clinic is doing with EMR today will be the standard of health care in the future," said Tom Hargrove, MD, medical director of informatics, Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics.

"Nationally, health care experts agree that electronic medical records are essential to improving health care. The EMR system gives patients confidence in the safety and efficiency of their care. I also believe they will enjoy the ability to communicate with their Trinity Clinic physician's office by way of the Web and email."

EMR is an essential tool for providers nationwide who are striving to improve quality and safety. Potential for errors due to miscommunication is greatly reduced, while efficiency and speed of communication between caregivers is enhanced by the paperless electronic system.

Dr. Hargrove said the original goals of implementation of the EMR system have been met, but as technology advances and new developments in health care become available, he predicts additional benefits to the EMR platform.

"Already, care has improved because clinicians share medication lists, medical histories and other information that can provide crucial data that helps to ensure the proper treatment in the shortest amount of time," said Dr. Hargrove. "As we improve this technology, Trinity Clinic continues to adopt features that enhance our service to the patients in our community, including patient to physician office email and online appointment requests."

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