May 18 2009 - 2009 Trinity Clinic Medical Staff Awards and Recognition Dinner


The 2009 Trinity Clinic Medical Staff Awards and Recognition Dinner was held on Thursday evening, May 7th, at The University of Texas Ornelas Activity Center. Approximately 175 members of the Medical and Administrative Staffs attended the dinner to recognize the accomplishments of their colleagues.

The following Excellence Awards were presented by Dr. Steve Walling, Chairman of the Trinity Clinic People and Culture Committee:

CLINICAL QUALITY – Bradley Merritt, MD
Identifies the delivery of clinical care in accordance with nationally recognized standards of excellence. Quality, also, incorporates organizational and systemic practices which optimize the patient’s experience of care.

PATIENT SAFETY – James Caccitolo, MD
Identifies efforts designed to minimize adverse consequences of care for our patients. Such efforts may be categorized as systemic and procedural as well as clinical in nature.

EDUCATION – Michael Norton, MD
Identifies efforts to disseminate knowledge. Such efforts may be directed to patients and lay individuals as well as medical professionals.

RESEARCH – Steven Cohen, MD
Identifies efforts to expand the scope of medical knowledge through scientific investigation. Such investigation may consist of basic bench research or clinical studies.

Identifies the initiation and utilization of novel approaches to the delivery of care that advance or expand the ability of the Clinic to serve our patients.

New Medical Staff members were introduced: Barbara Allen, MD, Marina Flaskas, MD, David Lindzey, MD, Shou Jiang Tang, MD, Michelle Barton-Nielsen, MD, Karlie Heckaman, PA-C, Kevin Delaney, MD, William Featherston, MD, Anita Cave Deanda, MD, Cynthia McClellan, NNP-C, Shelbi Mullins, FNP-C. Warren Abrameit, MD, and Dallas Diederich, PA-C, were welcomed back to the Trinity Clinic Medical Staff.

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