Live Web Broadcast of Robotic Prostatectomy at Mother Frances Hospital Draws International Viewers

Press Release - June, 2006
Live Web Broadcast of Robotic Prostatectomy at Mother Frances Hospital Draws International Viewers


On June 8 at Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, a live webcast of a robotic prostatectomy was viewed around the world via the website OR Live  ( Andrew Kirkpatrick, MD, a urologist with Trinity Mother Frances Health System, utilized the da Vinci robotic surgical system for the procedure, a minimally-invasive surgical technique that significantly reduces the side effects of traditional prostate surgery. The robotic system does not work independently, but rather allows the surgeon to maneuver in very small spaces with greater range of motion and more precision than ever before.

“Through advances in technology like the da Vinci system, many urological procedures can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques, reducing the need for pain medication and speeding recovery, so patients can return to normal activities faster and experience fewer complications,” said Dr. Kirkpatrick.

Robert Frederick, MD, urologist at Trinity Clinic, assisted Dr. Kirkpatrick with the procedure and moderated the webcast, which was broadcast free of charge. The successful procedure was viewed live by more than 3,800 individuals. The interactive webcast enabled viewers from across the U.S. and countries as far flung as Afghanistan, American Samoa and Germany to e-mail questions to the physicians which were answered during the event.

The webcast is archived on OR-Live’s website and at the National Library of Medicine, along with a previous webcast performed at Trinity Mother Frances Heart Institute on March 30, 2006, which was a new treatment for irregular heart rhythms using the state-of-the-art Stereotaxis technology at Trinity Mother Frances. Two electrophysiologists performed an innovative cardiac mapping and ablation procedure that was also broadcast worldwide on the Internet. To view the recent prostatectomy, go to and click on the OR tools icon for assistance with media players. To view the archived Stereotaxis procedure, go to

The da Vinci robotic surgical system is one of the many advanced technologies available at the Center for Advanced surgery and Technology (CASAT) at Trinity Mother Frances Health System.  For more information about CASAT, visit

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