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Imaging Services - Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler

At Mother Frances Hospital – Tyler we offer access to state-of-the-art imaging technology that delivers crystal clear images every time. Our hospital is equipped with a wide range of technologically advanced equipment designed to assist physicians in providing effective, convenient and quality medical care to the patients we serve.

Our Services
• Avanto™ 1.5T MRI
• Espree™ 1.5T Open Bore MRI
• Somatom Sensation 64 Slice CT
• Nuclear Medicine – Cardiac and routine
• Ultrasound – Vascular and routine
• Digital X-ray / Fluoroscopy
• 3D Echocardiography

MAGNETOM™ Espree Open Bore MRI

Trinity Mother Frances is the only facility in the region and second in the state of Texas to acquire the open-bore MRI technology. The MAGNETOM™ Espree open bore MRI accommodates patients of all sizes, including the obese, elderly and children, providing more headroom and comfort for patients who tend to become claustrophobic. Almost 60% of exams can be performed with the patient’s head outside of the system due to the shorter length of the magnet. The high-power Espree, like the Avanto and Symphony MRI units, delivers crystal clear 1.5 Tesla magnet images not available with a completely open MRI.

For patients with a scheduled Espree Open Bore MRI exam, learn more about what you can expect.

For more information or to schedule an imaging procedure, call (903) 531-4700 or (877)531-4700.

Trinity Mother Frances was one of the first five medical institutions in the United States and the first in the state of Texas to install the new MAGNETOM™ Avanto MRI with 1.5 Tesla magnet. This MRI provides a quieter, quicker and more comfortable MRI experience for patients. It offers 97% acoustic noise reduction without compromising image quality and also provides fast image acquisition with parallel imaging in all dimensions, including head-to-toe, front-to-back and side-to-side. Patients can now experience the shortest exam times available for MRI scans.

The Magnetom Avanto MRI provides whole body coverage with a comfortable and inviting design. The Body Matrix coil weighs only 33.5 ounces, making it significantly more comfortable, especially for very sick cardiac or oncology patients. And with the whole-body coverage capability, there is no patient or coil repositioning for most exams. With the Avanto MRI physicians receive detailed images, not available with a completely open MRI, of the tiniest areas which are necessary to examine neurological structures.

For patients with a scheduled Avanto MRI exam, learn more about what you can expect.

For more information or to schedule an imaging procedure, call (903) 531-4700 or (877)531-4700.

SOMATOM Sensation 64 Multi-slice CT
Advanced multi-slice CT is one of the most important recent developments in diagnostic imaging as it allows patients to be examined in a single breath hold, virtually eliminating motion artifacts, providing superior diagnostic information. We have two high-speed Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 and Cardiac Multi-slice CT scanners that allow the use of high-performance spiral CT routinely, which provides extended coverage of anatomical areas while producing superior image quality.

Our Kind of Photography
Digital X-Ray
• Reduced radiation exposure for the patient
• Digitally transfer and enhance images
• Immediate image preview and availability

Find out if you are a candidate.

For more information or to schedule an imaging procedure, call (903) 531-4700 or (877)531-4700.

3D Reconstruction
Additionally, 3D volumetric image reconstruction is used to further enhance multi-slice CT and high-speed MRI with applications in many fields, including radiology, vascular, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, hematology, oncology surgery, plastic surgery, gastroenterology and more. 3DR is faster and more efficient for physicians and makes it easier for them to interpret film images.

For more information or to schedule an imaging procedure, call (903) 531-4700 or (877)531-4700.

Echocardiography is advanced noninvasive, instrumentation that allows physicians to image structural and functional abnormalities of the heart using ultrasonic waves.

For more information or to schedule an imaging procedure, call (903) 531-4700 or (877)531-4700.

Outpatient Imaging Cash Price Options
At Trinity Mother Frances, we strive to provide ONLY THE BEST. For that reason we accept ALL insurance plans with in- and out-of-network benefits and offer affordable cash price options to ensure patients have easy and convenient access to our imaging services.

• MRI with or without Contrast - $400
• CAT Scan with or without Contrast - $300
• Ultrasound: Vascular - $225
• Ultrasound: General - $135
• X-ray - $75

*Technical fee only. Professional fee is additional. Payment is required at the time service is rendered. Cash prices listed are for each exam and do not apply to invasive outpatient imaging services. For cash pricing information at any of our other facilities, please call (903) 531-4700 or (877) 531-4700. Learn more about our cash pricing.

Meet Our Physicians

Trinity Clinic
Frank Cabell, MD
Richard Handley, MD
Darrin Morris, MD
Ted Willis, MD

Tyler Radiology Associates
John Andrews, MD
Kirk Armstrong, MD
Thomas Arnold, MD
Bruce Carter, MD
Thomas Hayes, MD
Timothy Leihgeber, MD
Kurt Reuland, MD
Robert Reuter, MD
Robert Sanchez, MD
Greg Schultz, MD
Kevin Short, MD
Roger Walker, MD
Douglas Macha, MD
David Riepe, MD
Michael Williams, MD
Scott Eckert, MD
Alfred Llave, MD
Robert Weissmann, MD

Our Facility

Mother Frances Hospital – Tyler
800 E. Dawson
Tyler, Texas
(903) 531-4700 or (877) 531-4700
Map To Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler

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