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Cardiac Catheterization

The physicians, nurses and technologists at the Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital are highly trained and experienced in Cardiac Catheterization. More than 60,000 cardiac catheterizations have been performed here since we brought the first cardiac program to East Texas in 1983. Our state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs allow for sharper pictures of the heart while minimizing patient and staff exposure to X-ray radiation.

Patients receive care from highly trained specialists in cardiology and electrophysiology. The physicians of Trinity Clinic Cardiologists are nationally-recognized leaders in research on new devices and medications that are continually advancing care for cardiac patients.

Cardiac catheterization can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of heart problems while decreasing recovery time and reducing the risk of complications. The procedure involves inserting thin, flexible tubes (catheters) into blood vessels and then guiding them to the right location in and around the heart. It’s another of the minimally invasive techniques we’re known for at the Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital.

TMF Heart News

Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital Performs First S-ICD Implant in East Texas

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