August 31 2009 - Nurses Complete Critical Care Residency Program

Please join me in congratulating the latest group of nurses to complete the critical care residency program. These nurses spent an intense summer completing the comprehensive on-line Essentials of Critical Care Orientation. In addition to working clinical shifts with their preceptors they attended weekly class to apply their newly gained knowledge by discussing patient scenarios. I would also like to personally thank the preceptors, charge nurses, directors and the rest of the staff who worked tirelessly this summer to ensure these new nurses were supported as they learned their new roles and acclimated to the critical care setting.

Pictured Left to Right
First Row: Laura Morgan, RN (Cardiac), Meghan Miller, (Cardiac), Nicolette Weil, RN (cardiac), Jessica Lovell, RN (Cardiac), Rob Nhim, RN (cardiac), Puja Hazari, RN (MI/SI), Chloe Harry, RN (cardiac), Julie Miller, RN (Staff Educator - Critical Care),
2nd Row: Janice Mink, RN (staff educator - Neuroscience), Heather Matthews, RN (neuro), Lisa Minyard, RN (Neuro), Brian Primm, RN (Neuro), Veronica Garcia, RN (neuro), Barbara Wedgeworth, RN (neuro), Whitney Keyser, RN (neuro), Gina Stinson, RN (MI/SI), Tara Smith, RN (MI/SI), Tameka Jones, RN (MI/SI), Zavyon Rettig, RN (Neuro), Michael Follis, RN (MI/SI), Katie Lawrence, RN (MI/SI), Ashley Farland, RN (Neuro)

Picture Credit: Ashley Farland, RN

Julie Miller, RN, BSN, CCRN
Staff Development Educator-Critical Care Residency
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics